Dr. Elyssa’s first book is now available! 

All Marriage Things Considered is a comprehensive workbook for couples looking to better prepare for a future together. It is most commonly for those who are planning to get engaged or who are engaged and wanting to do the wise preparation for marriage.

So what is it?

This book is one solution for those couples who are hesitant about engaging in premarital therapy, but who are still looking to reap the benefits of premarital work.

So, who should participate in premarital work? The simple answer to this question is that all couples would benefit from attending premarital therapy sessions or participating in some form of premarital exercises, such as by completing this workbook.

In a nutshell, premarital work is a process of exploration, understanding, decision-making, open and honest dialogue, and getting to know your partner in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Wise preparation for marriage

Most individuals and couples have heard of premarital therapy, or premarital counseling. Just as therapy in general is working steadfastly to decreasing stigmatization, some people are fearful of seeking premarital therapy due to rigid beliefs about what this “means” about them or their relationship.

Similarly, some individuals think that therapy is only important or necessitated when a person or couple is experiencing difficulties in their life or relationship. However, this is entirely false! Individuals often seek professional help or therapy not because they are having any specific difficulties, but rather because they are interested in self-growth and balance. Likewise, and much more often in premarital therapy, couples seek premarital work to form a solid foundation for their marriage.

In fact, couples who participate in premarital work are 30% less likely to divorce!

Get started on preparing for the best marriage possible

All {Marriage} Things Considered is now available to be purchased on our website for the low introductory price of $25.99. 

The workbook is also used as a supplement to the premarital process. If we work together to do premarital coaching sessions, we will use this workbook along the way. Lastly, perhaps you aren’t planning to get engaged or married, but you know a couple who is – this book is for them! Please share this valuable resource with others who may benefit from it.



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